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A World at War

There is no doubt that war is still a huge part of our world. Even if the Western world is generally at peace, our history is always a bleak reminder that it's on a tentative edge and that at any moment it could be broken. So it isn't surprising that exploding boy has chosen this topic to create her A World at War contest.

As indicated by the name, this contest covers a whole range of wars that have raged throughout the world. Users can choose to focus on the Korean War, the Yugoslav Wars or even the Napoleonic Wars. There's plenty of others that have been listed and who knows, if there's a war a participant is eager to write about and it isn't listed, the host might include it if asked. There's no harm in trying, right?

Rating: any
Word Limit: more than 500 words, no maximum
Prewrites: not allowed
Exemptions: no rape, no incest, no m-preg


For entries: 30 August

Forgive Me of My Sins, But I Have Just Begun

There are certain things in stories that some people just can't stand. Some are common dislikes while others are personal annoyances. In some instances these dislikes can lead to a reader abandoning a story, especially if it's something to do with a character. However, there are times when those dislikes can be overlooked, and that is exactly what Audrey T is hoping for her in her new contest.

Forgive Me of My Sins, But I Have Just Begun is a contest that challenges users to visit one of three threads listed in the first post and choose a complaint to transform into something that works. One of the threads is Things You Hate in Stories and there are many things posted in that thread which some users might think can never be written in a way that works - but this contest will soon prove them wrong.

Rating: any
Word Limit: no minimum, no maximum
Prewrites: not allowed
Exemptions: no graphic rape


For entries: 31 August

Feel free to PM me any recommendations for September's set of featured contests!

Special thanks to exploding boy and losing control. for editing.

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