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Youtuber Fanfic Contest

Self-inserts might not be the most popular story type, but there's no doubt that many people on Mibba enjoy writing themselves into their own fictional worlds. Whether under their own name or under the guise of an original character, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a good old self-insert and it can even help the author get to know themselves better.

In erin hallisey.'s Youtuber Fanfic Contest, she asks participants to take a look at themselves and explore not only the person they are but the person they could be, all the while writing about their favourite Youtuber as well. Really, it says it all in the title! With no other stipulations, users are free to be as creative as they wish.

Rating: any
Word Limit: no minimum, no maximum
Prewrites: not stated
Exemptions: none


For entries: 1 September

Purge anyone?

The idea behind the Purge films is one that generally garners two opposing opinions. The first: though morally wrong, having one night where crime is legal seems to put the crime rate at an all time low - a very telling consequence. The second: a crime-free year at the expense of a crime-full night just isn't worth it. Indeed, it's quite a controversial idea and, thankfully, one that only exist within fiction.

StolenSeason; now tasks users with crafting their own stories using the idea of a purge - a period of time when a person can commit any crime and reap no consequences. During this time, all emergency services are suspended and people are forced to hideaway and protect themselves if they don't wish to fall victim to any number of heinous acts.

Purge anyone? is a contest for writers to see what stuff their characters are really made of. Are they good people who'll hold onto their ethics, no matter the circumstances? Are they bad people waiting for the perfect opportunity to let loose? Or is there a middle ground where decent people sometimes make choices they wouldn't normally ever consider? Whatever the case, the contest's host is eager for participants to put their own spin on the purge and explore the 'what ifs' of such a bizarre situation where people find themselves in a place where rules (and perhaps, morality) simply don't exist.
Rating: any
Word Limit: more than 700 words, no maximum
Prewrites: not allowed
Exemptions: no incest, no m-preg


For entries: 3 September

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