False Pretense
character: Dylan Jones & Brian Haner Jr. and Ava Khane & Zacky Baker

Fairy Tale
character: Willow Johnson & Tom Kaulitz and Brianna Johnson & Georg Listing

The Last Fight
character: Bailey Winchester & Castiel

Taming The Beast
character: Eclispe Gomez & Paul and Ruby Gomez & Seth Clearwater

What Lies Beneath
character: Hunter Winter, Evie Carson & Avenged Sevenfold

The Last Goodbye
character: Kailey Roberts & Brian Haner and Aria Hastings & Matt Sanders

Anthem Of The Angels
character: Rosa Anderson & Ben Bruce And Emily Frost & Danny Worsnop

No Where Left To Run
character: Jeremy Gilbert & Paige Montgomery

Love Isn't Always Fair
character: Grace Teller & Kip Epps


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Lastest News: My name is Leann. Proud Australian. Number 1 passion = music. I love making new friends, so talk to me! Can get hyper. Great listener. I have an obsession with tattoos and piercings. I never leave the house without makeup and my hair straightened. I never watch where I'm walking. Loves to look out the window when traveling. I love co-writing stories. Friends = Family.

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