This is just who I am

The name: The username says 'Addyliners' but you can call me Addie or Addy. I respond to both. And some weird names too, but let's not get into those.

The Who: A simplictically complicated, predictably unpredictable, bundle of laser guns from the Great White North.

The sports: Hockey (on ice), football/soccer, rugby, tennis, and volleyball. My life revolves around the seasons, playing and watching.

My clubs: Vancouver Canucks, Canadiens de Montréal, Liverpool FC & Real Madrid. International: Canada (hockey) & Spain (footy)

The hates: Cristiano Ronaldo, Miley Cyrus, bandwagon jumpers, puck-bunnies who know nothing of hockey, wannabes, fakes, and prissy princess.


"The secret to getting away with lying is believing with all your heart, that goes for lying to yourself even more so than lying to another." - Elisabeth Bear