It's been awhile since I've been on here, but I'm hoping that I can start back up with my stories. Some tidbits of information you may, or may not, care to know:
I'm a recent Graduate and am trying to settle into life.
I love to write and am excited to have more free time in which to spend diving back into my work.
I'm super friendly, and love constructive criticism, so hit me with your best shot. :)

Story News

I'm in the process of either: deleting, editing, redoing, or creating stories I have already posted and bringing new concepts in to replace those I will, inevitably, have to let go of. Some of these stories were created so long ago that I no longer have a vision for them. Some I will place on hiatus due to the outcry to start them back up and others I will let go.
I will be posting new content as soon as I can edit everything and ensure it meets me critical standards. Thank you all for the sweet comments and messages, much appreciated!


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