Hiatus... Broken?
Hi ho on this beautiful, breezy autumn day. Here in south Florida, the weather could not possibly get any better. The sun is bright, there's a cold northern breeze, the sky is blue, and you can practically smell the holiday spirit as you walk down the street. Me myself, I gear up for it all by taking up my holiday project, "Leap of Faith". I rejoice in my words, all soft and sweet, and begin to edit all that has been left... Unedited. :D Love and letters, from my writing desk to yours.

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If You're Mine
Characters:Michelle Parker and Will Di'Mera
Status: Hiatus

A Lucky Fourth
Characters:Joseph and Juno Dyer
Status: Hiatus... At least until my old computer is fixed.

Leap of Faith
Character:Charlie Lex
Status: Editing in progress, new chapters to come.

A Month in Todays
Characters:feat. myself
Status: Hiatus... Or not. Maybe. :) br />
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My name is Briana, which is six letters and a whole lot too long, so you can call me anything you'd like that is shorter and makes you happy. Brie is what I go by in my now-phase. I do vent into my writing and into my guitar. I do listen, I do bake, and sometimes I am obsessed with things. Sue me. :) I do play God, I do believe in love, and yes-- I'm expecting you to comment me after having read all of this.
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