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Carissa here, to talk about a girl named Glory!
First off Glory is shy, but so odd it's weird!
When I first met her I thought she was normal, haha I was so wrong.
She's a bookoholic, she woke up on a Saturday at 8 to read, but she is really cool, and so smart!
She is a senior, I won’t reveal at what school because of some stalkers(XP). Shes not one of those preppy girls, and she hates pink! Glory is that laid back person you see now and then, she’s down to Earth and so far away from shallow. She’s a good girl, but such a rebel! Like her little sister Janet!
She likes rock bands, mainly because they rock!! She’s funny without even trying. OH! And she’s MEXICAN!! whoot whoot.
Her dimples are in the wrong place on her face, but that shows uniqueness. Her hair is pretty darn amazing, nice and straight, unlike my poo crap :( I made tortillas with her once :) We shared a special bond at that moment. Haha.
I think Glory gets confused easily, but it’s funny, not frustrating. Her friends and family are AMAZING!! If I do say so myself ;p Well, i'm going to stop here.
If you want to know more about my home girl then you should totally make the first move and message or comment her! I advise you to add her, because she is pretty amazing and will rock your WORLD! Love you Glory!!! Tootles :)
P.S. Her favorite color is BLOOOO.
P.P.S She doesn't have a favorite author
P.P.P.S She loves this girl Carissa, and thinks you should add her too (that’s me).

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