about me.

hello there. JAZZ`s the name. don`t wear it out.
i enjoy writing, but i`m not a writer. i just enjoy blocking out facing reality here at home by working on autumn's story 24/7. i cannot post new chapters everyday because my family obliges me to participate in boring and effin` stupid activities.

i haven`t fully developed mind-reading just yet, be a dear and kindly help?
i`m always in need of a friend.


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time: 12.41am.may 18, 2010.
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i`m not much of a poet, but i gave it a shot.


yes, i know.

it ended up successfully an epic fail.

you`ve got to give me credit for trying tho.


i pour my entire heart onto these words that make up

autumn's story.
girl: autumn knox.
boy: gabriel vaughn.
boy: jett hendrix.
chapter: #6

so read it and find out how hard my autumn's life is.


i am not a whore.

she`s ripping wings off of butterflies.

she`s a mannequin of misery.

it was just my fear of losing you.

i wonder what you hide behind closed eyes.


The Almost.
Breathe Electric.
Death Cab for Cutie.
A Skylit Drive.
Cash Cash.
Boys Like Girls.
Breathe Carolina.
The Cab.
Every Avenue.
My Chemical Romance.
Cobra Starship.
All Time Low.
Mayday Parade.
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
The Summer Set.
There For Tomorrow.
This Providence.
We the Kings.
Artist Vs Poet.


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