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January 11th, 2010


How are you?
Everything alright?
Like to hear from ya!
Love to see ya!
Obviously, I like ya!

Caution: I'm Like Not Other Girls.(sicker than your average.)

Crazy?Yeah. :]

You won't forget me, I'm the girl with her midle finger in the air cause for the first time she doesn't care.

Ok, I am very random. :DDD Like I yell, "I want to jump in a pool of Jell-o!" And I tell people, "Will you take my arm?" while holding my arm out like the olden days! :DDDD
I now have purple highlights! They shine in the light! Which I love! XD

I don't like it when people call other people fakes or posers... I honestly don't see the point. As long as the person has two hands and two feet then they're just fine. I don't see the line where the real deal is and where people cross to being "fake". Just because they are not to what somebody else is, does or think does not mean they are fake. They just think differently. I may be called that, and I actually don't care. I have been called lots of things to care about being called another word. It doesn't hurt me. It makes the person calling somebody a fake look bad. They criticize when they say they don't...

I love hockey...
My sister tell me I have the mind of a guy sometimes. She says its my pervertedness. I tell her to go suck nuggets. :)) And, yes. They're not chicken.

Sometimes.... I think to much. And get over-excited....


I don't think know I have the most random thing to say, since I do something new everyday. :P


I have the most bestest |twin sister| ever!!!!! She couldn't be better! :DDDD

Well, I think that's it for now. I'll end up writing more of my crazy, random, weird about me later!

So, talk to me? :]

Fosho. :]