Feb. 4, 2012 @ 11:13 pm
Song: Your Old Coat by Paperwork
Mood: Sleepy

sometimes i really want to write brilliant original works. my muse just goes supernova and blasts out brand new ideas all over the universe... or usually just all over something that looks vaguely like paper. today this is the case; tomorrow who knows. either way tom felton will still be gorgeous and life will go on. yes, i am definitely going to hell, but i have all the best stories to tell. i hope you enjoy the heat of my burning soul. heated up like coffee on day two. - the love child

About You

i am rose, the love child. that's a pretty special thing to be, i think. my cyber-wanderlust takes me to strange places and i usually stay around long enough to meet the weird people. most of the time i am hiding from something -- usually that something is work, but not always. i plot world domination in my spare time. i like pinky and the brain. i like long walks and beaches, but not long walks on beaches because sand gets between my toes. i love tom felton and anime and cotton sheets and kentucky and talking backwards and firecrackers. i like to write and debate and push my political opinions. i don't like religion and storms and crowds and grape juice and narrow-mindedness. I have little foresight and lots of ambition. i never see the joke coming. i can't remember anything for more than fifteen minutes. i contradict myself and lie and scheme when i forget to lock my evil twin in the basement of my psyche. usually i am just awesome.


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