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Hey I'm Larisa. I'm 20 and blow the candles out on April 21st. I'm a freshman at West Chester University. I'm music and hockey obsessed. I ama Pittsburgh Penguins fan living in Philadelphia Flyers territory. Pittsburgh Penguins. Chicago Blackhawks. Carolina Hurricanes. New York Rangers. All Time Low. Avenged Sevenfold. The Ready Set. We the Kings. The Maine. The Summer Set. Downtown Fiction. Carrie Underwood. Celtic Thunder. Blake Shelton. Scotty McCreery. Message me or drop a comment. I don't bite I promise.link
Active Stories

God Bless the Broken Road
Character: Eric Staal/Mackenzie Tyler
Chapters: 22/??
Status: Active

Friendship is Another Word for Love
Character: Patrick Kane/Alyssa Dawson
Chapters: 21/??
Status: Active


I Won't Let Go
Character: Sidney Crosby
Chapters: One Shot

Clear as Day
Character: Jared Staal
Chapters: One Shot

Completed Stories

Accidentally In Love
Character: Jordan Staal / Amanda "Mandy" Samules
Chapters: 21/21
Status: Complete

Two is Better Than One
Character: Jordan Staal/Allie Summers
Chapters: 29/29

Nothing Even Matters
Character: Kris Letang/Ashley Martin
Chapters: 5/5

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Character: Sidney Crosby/Taylor Samules
Chapters: 20/20

Love Will Keep You Up All Night
Character: Sidney Crosby/Taylor Samules
Chapters: 33/33

God Bless the Broken Road- Chapter 15.


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