Howdy Partner!


All you need to know is that I am honest person, more honest than anyone you know. I can assure you. I also am at a legal age, so, just about older than a lot of people on here. No, you're not my real friends, I don't want you to be. So, I won't divulge any information about my personal life on here (including my age, I am not 45). I'm a realist.

What annoys me? (I shall be adding to this list when someone does something that makes me want to rip out your throat via your anus).
- When people can't take a joke about a pedophile then have some fun by joking around, "I have some candy..." LOlol12121111?!?!1!!1ELEVEN111 Are you serious? That's the hypocritical shit that makes you more pathetic. If you say something along the lines of this, don't you dare for one second get angry, when I spray a tsunami of jokes at you about pedophiles and I will.

I have my Formspring on here because I enjoy answering questions, this is one way to suck information out of me if you want to. You can also follow me on Twitter, I don't tweet all the time, but I tweet and I currently have 27 followers. I'd like to think I am borderline bona-fide celebrity. Then, there is my email address if you would like to talk to me. I am so old school, I actually check my email address all the time. If you do want to talk, I am always open to it. It stays anonymous, sometimes talking is good.

God, I hope I get it.
I hope I get it.
How many people does he need?