Tuesday, August 2011

time: 12:09 pm
listening to: Girl I Know by Avenged Sevenfold

Ville ^.^


Title: So Go On, Make It Look Like An Accident.
Type: Original.
Status: Coming Soon.
Extract: Her crisp white thighs were slimmed down, her razor- sharp hipbones jutted out of the porcelain skin she was accustomed to. She watched as her imperfections, individuality, skin, was erased at the click of a cloning stamp.

Title: One Wild Night.
Type: Fanfiction.
Status: Finished.
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Extract:I rubbed at my eyes and sat up; I looked at the end of the bed find my boyfriend, staring back at me with tears in his eyes twirling the engagement ring I had gave him around his finger. "Walls aren't so thin in this house, Frankie." Gerard said getting off the bed and walking out the room. I sighed and looked down, and saw Mikey staring straight back up at me lovingly.

Title: A Drop Of Revenge.
Type: Fanfiction.
Status: Active.
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Extract:You should live with each day, 'cause I cannot promise you tomorrow. Sweetie... You didn't break me, no, You destroyed me and my life, and now you're going to pay. -K.