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This is a site dedicated to finding and praising those rare and few great authors of Inkpop, Mibba, Fictionpress, Quizilla and more other great fiction websites. The best part about it is that you, the readers, get to nominate the good fiction which are then carefully sifted through and hand picked to be added to the list.

Not only is it a list of good fiction, but we have: new and growing lists of poetry and short fiction, exclusive monthly interviews of writers from all across the internet, a monthly novel book club to keep your eyes on the real world, writing guides and awesome betas to help you on your own writing, challenges to keep your creative minds reeling, a forum to interact with authors and readers alike, and even more cool features to check out as you discover the site.

We also have an amazing, hard-working staff, featuring Slightly the badass manager and janitor of Project Fiction, Coco who brings color and art to the Project Fiction world, Evelyn who runs Project Beta with an iron fist, Ell who has and currently is still slaving away to bring you the Resistance Hand Guide, Maga who is in charge of all things Project Publish, Naomi who is the resident rubric genius, and Liz who braves the dangers of bad fiction to find you those few good bits of fiction from across the net!

We are all different and all contribute to the diversity of the website, so you will never see the same type of review or interview, nor will you see only one type of story on the list.

Our goal is to help young authors become better writers and to strive to write original, well-written, and meaning-infused works of art.

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