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date; 4 march, 2011
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abstract sincerity

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Delia. 16. I like taking pictures when it rains and you catch it just perfectly and laying in the middle of a field on a sunny day. I love to travel so that I can explore other cultures and I wake up every morning and get excited to go to sleep that night. I put body lotion on my arms and legs every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. I have a slight obsession with body spray and I'm a shopaholic. I love to dance in the rain while it's pouring and sitting on my balcony while my friends smoke and get into deep, meaningful conversations about life. I'm a nerd; I read for pleasure, I do great in school, I get a head start on my homework and do extra credit and I'm taking college classes next year when I'm a junior. Even though my life pretty much revolves around school and I don't go to parties because I don't enjoy getting high or drunk, I do have fun in other ways such as concerts. I hate jewelry except for a charm bracelet my boyfriend gave me for our one year anniversary. I have an unnatural obsession with the color red; my iPod, cell phone, sheets, pillow cases, pajamas, and slippers are all red. I have black and white photos surrounding my room and I get obsessed with things very easily. I have very few friends who I consider true friends, but those that I do mean the world to me, more than anyone can understand. My mom is my best friend and she's cooler than half the people at my school. I love to laugh and I'm perfectly okay with making an ass out myself and I do it on a regular basis. I'm unnaturally klumsy; I fall over tables, spill coffee on desks, trip when nothing is my way and I can't catch anything thrown at my to save my life. I'm a coffee addict, I couldn't live without coffee, but I'm a Seattlite, what do you expect from me?

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