Age is just a number to me. Sexuality is just an orientation. Location is just a state of mind, because in my mind, I'm in wonderland.
I don't like to categorize myself because I am growing and changing every single day. With new experiences comes a new change, a new opinion, and a new step in my life. I don't fit into any category. I'm eccentric yet dull. I'm gothic yet indie. I'm a writer yet I don't read. I'm independent yet I'm fragile. The only thing that I know is that I was born with a purpose in life.
Live life without any regrets. Je Ne Regrette Rien.


Date:7th, September 2012
Time: 7:54 pm
Mood: Stressed
Music: Nothing
Updates:Pure Bloods


Pure Bloods
Genre:: Fantasy/Romance
Chapters::Chapter 7 and Updating Regularly

Fuck, I'm Pregnant
Chapters:: Chapter 1 [hiatus]

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