hi, my name is amy ?

You can call me Ames or whatever your little heart desires. I'm 20. Music and Writing is my life. I love to read. I'm one of the weirdest people you'll ever meet. I love to talk. The 69 Eyes is my favorite band. I love the color Orange. Pomeranian's are adorable, just like my doggie! I'm a really nice person. I know many people who say I need to grow a backbone. And they are probably right. So, I think this is it. This is Amy summed up into a little paragraph of some non-useful information.

this is what is going on in my life...

Time: 3:01PM.
Music: Nothing yet.
Mood: Confused/Angry/Depressed.
Update: No Matter What! Go read it.

these are the stories that i'm writing...

Trick 'r Treat

No Matter What

this is where the credit goes...

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