p i e t a s .


i love: any form of art. my friends. my phone. alice in wonderlandddd. tattoos. guys with long hair. the 1930s. antiques. old cars. owls. twitter. photography. the french language. canada. hearses. the colour green. Kat Von D vintage jewlery. the 1980s. nostalgia. sunny days. music. greek mythology. coco chanel. cuttlefish. mimes. my life.. at times. rabbits. tyra banks. mix-matched socks. the devil wears prada. skeleton keys. beethoven. hairless cats. staying up all night. Lady Gaga. cherries. makeup, especially eyeliner.octopussies. blessthefall. my bffls, ashley, zachary, andre and tina. getting distracted. my love. carnivals. bad girls club. germans. rubber bands. spontanaity.[ b]natalie from bad girls club dane cook. fred astaire. bing crosby. blue skies(the movie from 1946) cupcakes. texting, not sexting. love. hatred. fear. guilt. passion. loyalty. V8 juice. black olives. drag queens. my gays. seventh period. keee. italian food. tarpon springs. meeting good people. people that make you laugh. christian siriano, classical music, especially Beethoven haha and so many other things <3