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About Me.

Hey, I'm Kay. I'm extremely creative, and I'm always caught up in the fantasies in my own head. I love to write, and I plan on becoming an author one day. On Mibba, I'm focusing mostly on Avenged Sevenfold fanfics, but maybe there will be some original works one day. I love music. My favorite bands include Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica. I mainly listen to rock, but I'll listen to some pop or hip hop as well. But you'll usually catch me listening to hard rock bands. I'm also a Tim Burton fanatic, and I've seen almost every Tim Burton film. I like anything dark and gothic, and it reflects in my writing. Feel free to talk to me. I'm not going to bite or anything haha.


The Monster In You

Boy: Synyster Gates
Girl: Lexi Martin
Chapters: 42/42
Status: Complete

My Heart Won’t Let You Go

Boy: Synyster Gates
Girl: Lexi Martin
Chapters: 10/??
Status: Active

Roses Are Red And Violets Are Blue

Boy: Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ
Girl: Arianna Baker
Chapters: 9/?
Status: Active

Vanilla Twilight

Boy: M. Shadows
Girl: Deana
Chapters: 18/18
Status: Complete

Love Game

Boy: Jacoby Shaddix
Girl: Cate
Chapters: 24/24
Status: Complete


Boy: M. Shadows
Girl: Camilla
Chapters: 5/5
Status: Complete

My Snow White Queen

Boy: Zacky Vengeance
Girl: Arianna
Chapters: 6/6
Status: Complete