I'm keeping the secrets
you'd all die to know

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I've unfortunately found myself in the position of having to quit this glorious website. Message me if you'd like - I'll likely reply in the same week, but, no more stories from this girly. Apologies!

It's not the failure,
but the cost of success

Versaeglitter on the floor ghost busters. let it rain; give me therapy. Sparkle_Baby_Shine

Don't be afraid
of acting out your age

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Don't steal. It's bad.

I fell through the hole
Down at the bottom of your soul

Date: 02/12/12
Time: 10:16PM
Noise: Pretty in Punk - Fall Out Boy
Feeling:Poorly :(


why don't you be the writer
and decide the words I say?

For The Sake of Saving Us
Featuring: Alex Gaskarth & Poppy Zicarelli
Chapters: 10/?
Status: Active
Title Credit:Under A Paper Moon by All Time Low

Destined To Explode
Featuring: Alex Gaskarth & Poppy Zicarelli
Chapters: 52/52
Status: Complete.
Title Credit: All Time Low - Time Bomb

We Don't Want to Ever Fall At All
Featuring: Jack Barakat & Amari Binks
Chapters: 3/?
Status: Active
Title Credit:Why I'm Home - Go Radio

The sounds that echo
through crowds and over our towns

All Time Low
We Are The In Crowd
Elliot Minor
Panic! At The Disco
Mayday Parade
You Me At Six
My Chemical Romance
We The Kings