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Update: Langley

My name is Gabrielle. I like many things with a heap-load of passion, sometimes even unnecessarily (I’ll probably like you that way too unless you give me a reason not to.) That ever-changing, curley-cuing, lengthy list of adored artifacts includes foreign languages, my Sharpies, clothbound books, Harry Potter & The Hunger Games, willow trees, Crossfit, Brown, daydreaming, photography, flowers, art, fitness, long walks on the beach (kidding), tea.


I try to extend myself in any and every way possible, truly (trying) to live to the fullest degree. I’ve been through a lot (and am still going through a lot- Welcome to Life!), and have really learned in the process that all we have is who we are. And it may sound like a corny, gloopy, motivational poster that deserves to be tomatoed, scoffed at, eye-rolled, chucked aside with the rest, but I’m a firm believer in trying your hardest at everything. It’s great to be good at something, but I’m working on well-roundedness, taking the world in as best I can and reaching out in every angle. I like knowing I put my all into everything I do. Which is probably why I have a hard time pinning down my interests and choosing a future (as if it was as easy as a pick-your-path book.) Yesterday it was a writer, tomorrow, a fertility doctor, later on, a peacock farmer (kidding)… In the mean time I have my hobbies (and the lovely International Baccalaureate program) for comfort though. I do track (high jump/possibly pole-vault this season), weight training, art, biking, pen-palling, French, small bits of Turkish. I read, blog (or at least am trying to), climb trees. And write. Yes, I write.

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