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Date: May 5, 2016 Day: Tuesday

Time: 3:50 pm

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What's Up With Me: Another year has gone by and I haven't done a damn thing on this website. I have a lot of good stories on here, though. I am thinking of working on some stuff that I can upload here. Even if just for the summer. We will see.

Latest Story Update: Nothing

About Me.

Amanda Liberto

22 ~ CA & AZ (ASU) ~ Introvert af

Writing is the only thing that makes sense to me.
Music - my life will always revolve around it. These people make me feel whole: The Maine. Halsey. Catfish & the Bottlemen. One Direction. 5 Seconds of Summer. Ed Sheeran. Brighten. The All-American Rejects. Bright Eyes. Explosions In The Sky. Artist Vs Poet. Blackbear. G-Eazy. The Weeknd.



No One Knows You Like I Do

Boy: Nick Santino
Girl: Madison McCoy
Chapters: 50
Status: Completed.

We Won't Regret This

Boys: Garrett Nickelsen, Pat Kirch, Jared Monaco, Kennedy Brock, & John O'Callaghan
Girls: Dakota Kennedy, Noelle Stone, Annabelle Thomas, Emilee Kelly, & Stella Jones
Chapters: 22
Status: Completed.

Malicious Intent

Boy: John O'Callaghan
Girl: Olivia Carlisle

Maybe You're Hoping For A Fairytale

Boy: Louis Tomlinson
Girl: Charlotte Grey


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