listening to: we came to dance -- the gaslight anthem.
working on: cross my heart & torn apart at the seams & a shot at a soulmate.
currently: going to fucking bed.

"we don't have hashbrowns, so we're having french fries."

i like my emmy, ribcages, inspiring quotes, boys, ice cream, books, harry potter, tattoos, scars, ripped jeans, tattered notebooks, sarcasm, p!nk, best friends, tights, music, avenged sevenfold, jewelry, my vbaby, bright colors, being naked, chuck palahniuk, grape juice, playgrounds, wearing dresses, toast, strictly sexual, collarbones, neck kisses, spines, dylan, writing, sleeping, softball, boys, boys, boys, pretty colors, lazy days, good guys, old jewlery, pop covers by good bands, guys with beards, green eyes, the rain, bonfires, holding hands, ratty converse, adam lambert, sundays, cody, photofiltre, good movies, brad pitt, leroy, love song for bobby long, thunderstorms, making out, james frey, sweet boys, emery, hoodies, boys, honesty, sunglasses, nikki, thinking about sex, purple, the other nikki, goodwill, cuddle sessions, hugs, kisses, staring contests, 'nut, festius, marlie, making people laugh, not hurting, vans, cute boys, and birthdays.

goodbye to romance.

my name's korie and i probably already love you.