“After the rain, the sun will reappear. There is life. After the pain, the joy will still be here.”


Show me lights
Show me how you built you the city that you owe

Hearing: music, all day and night long :)
Doing: enjoying the rain
Feeling: inspired and excited
Thinking:about the things that will come
Writing: my silly thoughts

Show me lights
Show me how you make it glow

About me? There so much and so little to say. Well, I love music. Music is like blood or organs, you can't live without it.Dreaming and sleeping are my main occupations. I always hope for a better tomorrow. My writing means a lot to me. And of course the people who appreciate it. I love being different and I know, with time, there will be people who love me and my differences too. I'm very optimistic, friendly, artistic, crazy, sarcastic, talk active, emotional etc. I love any kind of art, sport, going out with my friends, or just staying home and being lazy and, most importantly, sleeping. :) xx Angie
I want to read the sentence

Living A Dream
Genre: Fan fiction/Romance
Wounds That Will Not Heal
Genre:Original Fiction/Drama/Romance
Get Up Whenever You Fall
Genre:Original Fiction/Romance

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