coloured dreams.

elizabeth | female | seventeen | on a temporary hiatus
I'm Elizabeth. Mostly called Libby or Izzy. I snort when I laugh. I'm random. I have ADD and OCD. I'm a nature girl. I'm in love. I hate my family. I want to live in Neverland. I'm addicted to sweet tea and milk. I crave Red Vines all the time. I'm a Potterhead, Whovian, Nerdfighter, Pokemaster, part of Team Coollike and the Nerimon Army. I'm different. I'm odd. I am me.

I wish I was alive during the generation of when guys threw rocks at your window, they wrote you love letters, they serenaded you, and you would get phone calls, but I'm stuck with getting poked on facebook, sharing videos on youtube, and one worded text messages.

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