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Washing dishes. -.-

'ello. [: I'm Aria, or well you can just call me Aria.

My birthday's December 1. I kinda think its stupid because its so late and I'm a grade behind because of it. But having your birthday be the first snow day is kinda cool. :]]

I have brown eyes, and dark brown hair (it looks almost black), I guess I think of myself as pretty. Never given it much thought though. :]

I have one sister. She's thirteen and watching what I'm typing so I have to be nice. xD She's a bit nosy. And sometimes annoying but she can be assured that she's loved. xD She thinks its funny. She loves to hit me in the head, mostly cuz her science teacher told her that you lose 10,000 brain cells every time you do that. (I don't think it's really working) Well, enough about her and back to me! [;

I've always been interested in writing. Ever since I can remember, I've been reading. The stories just come to life to me. Its like going on an adventure without ever leaving your house. I've written bunches of short stories with my friends. Um.....I guess I'm a good writer, never actually given it out to be commented on so this is new to me.

I mostly write about fairy tales or fiction. I've loved vampires since the second I found Bram Stoker's "Dracula". I know what you guys are going to say, "Vampires? Really?" But the whole Stepahnie Meyer crap is not much of my thing.

I love to read. Its my only escape. I guess my favorite series is the House of Night. Its amazingly epic! I rarely ever travel other than to visit family.

Stereo Skyline! Nevershoutnever! The Ready Set. Paramore. Taylor Swift(can't help it). Bruno Mars. And lotslots more! ((:

Books I'm reading, at the moment:
The Clockwork Angel
Once a Witch
The Lost Heroes
Yeah, I think you should kind sorta scroll down and read my story and poetry!