nothing will last in this life.


Name's Taylah - but call me Tay... or, ya know, not, whatever floats your boat.

I love writing, which is why I even have a account on this website. I am a lazy ass though, so it will take quite a while for me to update. Music is also very close to me. The end. You disagree, you're dead in my eyes. Nobody can live without music.

If you wanna talk, just message - I won't bite... much.


April 21, 2011.

mood: Tired.
time: 11:15pm
doing:Making my friend edit these codes for me.
music:Miss Murder by AFI.
updates:This layout.

perfecting a world meant to sin.

this is where you type all your favorite quotes, be it by Rene Descartes or Mr. Bean.

"Remember kids, whenever we're on stage M Shadows is in a nightmare."

"I'm Zacky V. and I play the gynecologist."

"I'd sometimes want x-ray vision so I could check out Syn's package."

"What are the worst questions you get asked?" "Um... what my name is and what I play in the band.
Just kidding, um the size of my cock."

confided in me was your heart.

Title:Ten Reasons Why Nick Hates Tom
Characters: Tom | Nick | Frankie.
Chapters: 1 / ?

Title: Perfect To Me
Characters: Matt Sanders, Brian Haner, Jimmy Sullivan, Zack Baker, Johnny Seward.
Chapters: 3 / ?

Title: Always Be There For You
Characters: Zack Baker, Brian Haner.
Chapters: 1 / ?

Title: We Come Out At Night
Characters: Matt Sanders, Jimmy Sullivan.
Chapters: 4 / ?

it's hurting you, but it's killing me.

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