Matt Smith
Popping bottles in the ice
Like a blizzard
I'm a writer why else would I be here.
I usually write about life and do my best to make things unique.
Not that anything isreally unique anymore
I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my writing.
So I apologize if I ever take a long period of time to update or if you see that I've changed a few things in past chapters.
I'm very indecisive.
I get a lot of inspiration on things that happen in my own life.
But that doesn't mean that I base the 'main character' on myself.
Each and every character has a mixture of 'me' in it.
They're all part of me.

Does that even make sense?
When we drink
We do it right getting slizzard

The way life is
Status: Active
Characters: Tammie, Raymond, Laura, Reina, Derrick
Summary: Five teens, each with their own struggles. Each with different experiences, feelings, and problems. The one thing that they have in common: each other.

story name
Status: active/hiatus/finished
Characters: who's in it?
Summary: summary of story here.

Now I'm feeling so fly
Like a G6

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