Look Alive, Sunshine.

Most people know me as Kelsey Karnage, back when it was super cool to have alliterated names this is what I was christened with. My Killjoy name is AtomicIero I'm Twenty and British, I live with my boyfriend of almost three years and his family. Writing & Music are my calling, I've been a Mibba-Kid since I was about 12 before that I was a member of INO and GSB, so you can say I'm a veteran. I'm not girly in the slightest except for the fact that I have a major fangirlish streak. I have boyish characteristics and a perverted sense of humour. I laugh at the stupidest things and read into things a little too much. I'm paranoid and self conscious but honestly I could be the best friend ever. God, this sounds like a Personals Ad! Frank Iero is my hero, All Time Low are my babies, I Love My Chemical Romance and have been a Green Day fan from a young age. Blink 182 have always been my main musical influence, doesn't this apply to everyone? Yeah, they're such an awesome band and If you've never heard of them you've lived a sheltered life, they are the reason most mainstream bands are in existence. Anyway, I have a tumblr, facebook, twitter, youtube and even a buzznet. Although Buzznet really confuses me and I have no idea what to do with it! I read all types of fanfiction & Slash. Come talk to me, I'll rock your socks.