“I feel like someone's lost child
as the guards lead me outside.”

I try not to write too much about myself, because I am constantly changing. I'm single, and a lesbian. I live alone, with just my reptiles, and I don't have any family to speak of. I write as a hobby; my real passion is herpetology. I'm especially fond of softshell turtles, and hope to aide in their conservation and re-population someday. I'm a mental illness patient; I have severe MDD, BPD, and Schizotypal disorder, none of which makes me 'crazy'. I'm an advocate of mental health rights and I don't mind answering questions or even offering advice.

My favorite band is the Mountain Goats, and I adamantly recommend them to anyone and everyone who will listen. I enjoy roleplay, video games, and some anime, although I often find that other fans annoy me. I really, really don't like Twilight, and would strongly advise again trying to talk to me about it--just a fair warning. I write a lot of gay and lesbian themes here, so likewise, you may want to politely excuse yourself if that's something that offends you. Hopefully, we can all get along despite our differences.
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