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Well i'm absolutely horrible at explaining myself but here goes.. My name is Samantha but I go by Sam or Sami for short. I love photography and writing. They're what gets me through life.I am in love with the idea of being in love. I would die without my laptop or ipod. I'm shy at first . I can be very blunt . I rarely ever give people false hopes. I absolutely hate close minded people and people who change plans frequently . I'd say I'm pretty easy to get along with ,so talk to me some time(:

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The Works
Once Upon a Time

You've Left Me Speechless
Boys: Pittsburgh Penguins
Girl: Aubrey O' Donnel
Chapters: 03
Comments: 08

Boom Boom Pow
The Maine.
All Time Low.
The Used.
Escape the Fate.
Saving Abel.
Panic! At The Disco.
Plain White Tee's.
Lady Gaga.
Maroon 5.
The Downtown Fiction.
Boys Like Girls.
J Bigga.
Fall Out
Boy. Hinder.
The Academy Is..
30 Seconds To Mars.
A Rocket To The Moon.
The Summer Set.
Framing Hanley.
Jeffree Star .

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