Name: Madison
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Lives in: United States
Occupation: LYA
Religion: not sure
Ethnicity: White
Here for: Posting my poems, meeting peeps, and chattin.
Status: Single
Smoke: Nope..Gotta keep my lungs healthy for ball.
Drink: Maybe
about me I love music, friends, and basketball. I'm social, perverted, and a smart elec to people who annoy me. I live in Arkansas, and I am deffinatly not a redneck. My ball team is unbeatable, and could probably take on just about anyone. I have been to nationals and globals in acting, and love theatrics. Most of my poems are about my past, which isn't to great. But hey, can't control what we're born into. I've done some stupid things, and have scars that will always remind me of them. If ya want to talk bout stuff I'll most likely understand. Just message me. LAYOUT BY LIESFORALIAR