Life So Reckless, Tragedy Endless...


Psychotic, Rabid Dementia I Won't Be Fine...

Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am
character: Bam Margera

I Remember The Day She Told Me It's Over
character: Zacky Vengeance

Pin-Up Paper Rockstars
character: The Rev

I Can't Help You Fix Yourself
character: Synyster Gates

Thicker Than Water
characters: Syn & Dan

The Latest One Shot
character: Danny Abell

You're Not Invited, So Step Aside...

Becca Carla Dylan Kasey J Lindsay Lyndsey Meg Reeta Stephanie Trish

I've Lost My Mind...

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Hey Kid, Do I Have Your Attention?

[Date/Time] March 18th; 12:10 p.m.
[Listening to] Pride - "Soil"
[Chatting to] Lynds
[Food/Drink] Iced Tea
[Feeling] Chilly
[Updated] Thicker Than Water

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