My name is Michelle Frank, i live in Denmark in my own apartment. Im a big MCR fan as you can se, and I've been to some of their show's and i really had the time of my life. Im 18 years old, and i feel kinda old allready, i really don't know why, maby I am just old? *sigh* Right now im working on my education as a blacksmith, and i really love it! So as you can tell im one of the boys at the moment, haha! In my spare time i really like to draw, and i draw alot at the time, cuz im so inspired by so many things at the time, i really don't know why, maby it's because i've moved on with my live, Im not a kid anymore, im growned up, i need to have control over myself and my life now. Mady that's why, or then Im just fat? Haha But anyways, i have a horse to, or a Pony actually, named Goldie. I Really love horses, and i've since i was 9 years old, so they will always be apart of my life. I love to read and write stories, I've done that since i was 12 i think, i started to play online rpg with my cousine at the time, and i couldn't just let go of it, so that's a really big pert of my life rigt now. If you want to talk or lern more about me you're welcome to add mere here or on Facebook; Michelle Lorenzen Nissen. I really LOVE to meet new people, so yearh, just talk! ;-).