about me
Mood: Tired.
I like to write, read, and listen to music. Name a book, I've probably read it. I used to write constantly, now not so much. Trying to get back into the swing of things. I'm a college student with red hair and a fantastic personality. Or so I think...

Chapters: 002/00?
Status: Active

Why Do You Do What You Do To Me
Chapters: 000/000
Main Focus: Dick Grayson, Robin Boy Wonder
Main Character: Daine Genesia
Title Credit: Misery--Maroon 5
Status: Not Started

This Isn't Me, This Isn't You
Chapters: 000/000
Main Focus: Prince 'Harry' Henry Charles Albert David
Main Character: Carling Posie Wyndam
Title Credit: Open Your Eyes--Sum 41
Status: Not Started

They Took For Granted Your Sole
Chapters: 000/000
Main Focus: Synyster Gates, Brian Haner Jr.
Main Character: Boe Desroches
Title Credit: Nightmare--Avenged Sevenfold
Status: Not Started

To Think That You Never Did Care
Chapters: 000/000
Main Focus: Draco Malfoy
Main Character: Farlie Winters
Title Credit: When I'm Alone--Lissie
Status: Not Started

I Wish I Was Anyone But Me
Chapters: 000/000
Main Focus: Zac Efron
Main Character: Leighlynn Ariadne
Title Credit: Here I Stand--Madina Lake
Status: Not Started

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