the honey bee.

the honey bee.
United States
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December 31st, 2007


Let's see. What can I say that could present me as witty and charming? I enjoy quoting books, movies, and songs, but you probably already knew that. I have this pessimistic view of the world. Actually, no. I have pessimistic view of the people that inhabit the world. I don't have much faith in anything - not even myself. I'd rather be alone than in a group.

I'm not smart enough.
I'm not pretty enough.
I'm not thin enough.
I'm not social enough.
I'm not caring enough.

I'm okay with those facts.

I don't write to escape reality. I write to get noticed. I guess you can say that most of my actions are done for attention. Attention I don't even want.

I'm a hypocrite.
I'm a loser.
I'm a teenage-cliche.

I didn't come here so you could call me by my real name. I came here to become someone else. And I'm not satisfied with whom I have become.

Was that witty and charming enough for you?