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Chase Is SOFREAKING Adorableeee

Ohaaaai viewers of Chase's profile ^_^ This bes SHARKY Chase is my daddy, brother, and my CUPCAKE! He's really awesomeee and so amazing and just my bestest friend cos I lve this guy! See Chase, I loves you ^_^ And gosh, look at that sexaaaay face. I know all you ladies and gents want a piece of him c; He's really amazing and I could talk to him forever and everhh and ever. I miss him whenever he's at school D: That's cos Australia is weird and when it's night there, its morning here. And when its monring here, it's night there :( What the heck is up with that....Anyways Chase is gonna be famous one day cos he's a good actor and his adorable face needs to be on a movie screen. Now this is being too long and I gotta finish making your layout xD So byeee Chase :))))) Love, Sharky

Chase. Eighteen. Guy. In love with icecream. Likes bunnies. Writer. Awesome. :3

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