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so this man is frank iero

R.I.P. Jacob Walls. You left on July 17, 2009. I'll never ever forget you, Jake. I love you so fucking much and wait for me, okay? I'll be there in heaven with you someday, I promise.
My names Kateland or Katie. I'm eighteen years old.
I have a huge love of writing, but I'm terrible with trying to keep up with stories but I'm trying to finish them, I promise.
I have a huge love for Frank Iero. That man is just gorgeous and wonderful, just like the other four boys of My Chemical Romance (I'm not one for favorites, but Frank has that special spot in my heart x3).
I'm a very accepting person and I'm a very different type of person.
I have three facial piercings - snakebites and right side of my nose. I also have a tattoo.
I'm terrible about cussing, it's all I do. I'm sorry if I offend.
I'm a freshmen in college.
Well. Just talk to me and get to know me. I'm not that hard to talk to and plus, I always respond c:


he went to sea world

date: 5/21/2012
mood: indifferent. I'm pretty positive my mom and stepdad are getting divorced. Not too sure yet.
watching: nothing
reading: Frerards. Gah.
listening to: LeATHERMOUTH. I've been on a huge OX binge today.
talking to: facebook/tumblr/skype/yahoo buddies :3
updates: I started a new story! It's called Lost and I'm damn excited about it you guys. Go my pretties, go read it 8D


he just had to take pictures with a seal

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