September;29 @ 11:43PM
Song: Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
Mood: Sad
I know, I know. I haven't updated ANYTHING in forever. That might change soon, but I don't know. New layout though! Isn't it gorgeous? :)
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{Bulletproof Heart!}

ohhai. My name is Miriah, but I honestly prefer to go by JJ. I'm twenty-two years young, and recently married. My husband is a hero in Afghanistan right now. I also do the military thing. I'm going to school for...well, it was Web Design, but idk anymore. I love My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, and Paramore. I'm deathly terrified of hobos. My dog is currently laying on my arm, making this hard to type. :D

Take Me. I'm Never Gonna Let You Fall
Main Character: Holly Gaskarth
Chapters: 10/?
Status: Paused
Guy/Focus: Alexander Gaskarth

A Smile for Your Scrapbooks
Main Character: Jordyn Matthews
Chapters: 07/?
Status: Paused
Guy/Focus: Alexander Gaskarth

Break Apart Her Heart
Main Character: Danielle & Khorie Stuart
Chapters: 15/?
Status: Paused
Guy/Focus: Frank Iero & Gerard Way