Hi! I'm Alana, I'm Olivia's oldest sister incase you were wondering, but I have other qualities besides being the best big sister in the world...I'm kidding ;)

I'm a freshman in college, I go to school in Adrian (Go Bulldogs!) and I am undecided, meaning I still haven't picked what I want to be when I grow up! I will in time though, but for now I'm just getting my basic studies done and over with so I can move on the the fun stuff when I decide!

I've mostly made an account on this website to support my sister with her writing, and to keep in touch with her, because I miss her :) I love you Livy! And also I came to do a bit of writing myself, I've always love to write poems ever since I was really little!

So other than Olivia, my youngest sister, I have a brother (who's in my profile picture), and another younger sister who's just a bit older than Olivia (:

I'm not going to lie, I might just be the world's biggest flirt. But I'm still a christian, so my pants have never come off, and I'm 19 years old so I'm pretty proud of that! :)

So talk to me! The best part about trying something new is getting to know the people, so people...let me get to know you! Love ya!

My Sistah Livy (: