i'm just a little spooky

je m'appelle katelyn et je suis tres penible.

on april 30th at like 8am my mom pushed me out of her canal. (that's a joke, i was a c-section.) and she gave birth to one of the most hot-tempered, sarcastic yet loving girl you could ever imagine. she's in 8th grade and currenty hates her life but that's too bad.

music is most definitely my favorite thing in the world, and my boyfriend of a year is most likely the second. i play bass guitar in a band that we haven't exactly named yet. we do covers of nirvana and green day songs. fall out boy, green day, blink-182, my chemical romance, and nirvana are my favorite bands. i also like rap music. (my boyfriend michael got me into anilyst.)
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my fairytales

Satisfaction Guaranteed; billie joe armstrong x foc. | rating: R
Secrets & Star Wars; austlan cashby, oneshot | rating: R

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