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United States
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March 5th, 2012


Hey im Ronnie, im 16, and im a model. I play basketball for my highschool. Im on varsity, and i love skateboarding. Im pretty chill and love to tlk to new people. I love my friends. love to party. Im single, im just thinking the right guy isnt out there for me. I love to read good ol romance books and eat chocolate covered strawberries. I love fast food. McDonalds, taco bell, burger king, KFC, wherever haha. I love my car. Old pick up truck. Love the outdooorrs. Camping and swimming at a lake. LOve my best friend yoloforlou! < Hes mine. haha but anyway. Thats me.
- Chat meh up anytime :]

Why dont you swallow some of that makeup to make you pretty on the inside.