and i'll be here by the ocean

I could be important or I could be invisible. All I care about in the effect I have in my writing. I usually go by the name of Alex, but it's morphed over the times I've been around. I'm an avid blogger, dog walker, celebrity stalker. In my hands and around my neck, I hold the heart of a Marine. Oh and I have a sick obsession with Johnny Depp. Welcome to my little world through the screen.
i don't bite.

Alex. taken. 19. awesome.

sunsets and silhouette dreams

date: May 16, 2012.
time: 3:48 pm.
mood: sing-songy?
doing: talking to ze doggies.
thoughts:I'm not liking this humid weather!
updates: Pinky Promise

sandcastles fall like the ashes of cigarettes

Pinky Promise.
characters: Jhony & Alex.
chapter: #8; Snow
status: active.

Hell's Hold.
characters: Dean & Amber.
chapter: #3; Remembering.
status: active.

and every wave drags me to sea

layout by allyssa@lieslikelullabies. | picture credit.
lyrics: you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground,
i'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds
by mayday parade.