Hey. I'm Jenna. Here are some of my favourtie Ships: Kellic Quentes - Kellin Quinn(SWS) and Vic Fuentes (PTV) Jabe Fowlham- Jack Folwer and Gabe Barham (SWS) Brusnop - Benjamin Bruce and Daniel Worsnop(AA) Jalex Gaskat - Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth (ATL) Flintceschi - Daniel Flint and Joshua Flintceschi (YMA6) Austlan Casby - Austin Carlile and Alan Ashby (OM&M) Merrikat - Zack Merrik and Jack Barakat (ATL) Rilex - Rian Dawson and Alex Gaskarth (ATL) Zian - Zack Merrik and Rian Dawson (ATL) etc.. I am currently Writing A Jabe fic: http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/505485/Just-Like-You-Said/