Revenge is such a glamourous feeling

I'm thinking 'bout other things I heard about today
All this week and tomorrow
And how these hands can create some better things for bettering
but you see for now I got my own things
I can't help it
I got too many issues I own
So I cannot help I'm afraid, yeah
But keep on preaching, preaching and heal the world
Lip service makes us look great

Do you feel
The weight of the world singing sorrow?

Or to you is it just not real
Cause you got your own things
Yeah we all have our things I guess

Don't let your light fight from your heart


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...I've been craving for so long!

Lots of people believe they have a purpose in life. i long to believe this, yet struggle to find my purpose, my reason--the point to keep on living and working towards.
But i have decided, i will be patient, i will find it one day. (:

i want to impact this world we live on in a positive way, to give something back.
People have helped me, yet whats the point if i can't help people in return?
But i've come to realise that one person can not change the world--everyone has to work together; but i will not give up!

...Your heart gives you the best advice


My name is Rosheene and i am sixteen years old. i adore my music. Especially Madina Lake who have a special place in my heart and have helped me through some rubbish times. i am [supposedly] going to start Exeter College in September.
i don't want to hate myself anymore

Remember, that i'll always be a part of you

"You're a wolf, you are.
Dressed like a fox,
Got me tied up in knots over you
But I think that I'm just a flavor you crave on instinct,
'Cause you don't feel ashamed,
But it won't make a difference.

You can take my time,
'Cause after all, well,
The earth's just a ball that revolves around you.
And all my friends and family try to warn me,
But like a moth to flame,
Darling, lead the way,
'Cause I'm afraid of change,
So meet me in your bedroom.

i am not letting you control my life anymore, two years has been long enough. This time i will be strong enough. Goodbye, my love.
Lets be realistic, i'm only a statistic to you