The professor and I.


My name is
Chelsea Ann / Anne / A.; Warrior; Bunbury;
not relevant.
What's in a name?

Anatomically, I'm female.
Stereotypically, I tend to better identify with the male gender, but I'm not gender-confused
nor do I believe I was born with the wrong sex organs (although I'd trade at any moment! xD).

The earth has made a grand total of eighteen revolutions around the sun since I was born.
Good for the earth, but as far as what that means for me, I could care less.

When I grow up, I want to be
a teacher; an artist; a writer; a psychologist; a teacher?
I just don't know anymore. I'm a college freshman, pursuing a degree in either math, psychology, or both.
I feel like I'm not aiming for a particular career at all, only learning things because they interest me.
Is that a waste of money?

I am
omnivorous; a vegetarian since 2003; vegan since 2007.
I have moral reasons, yes, but honestly, I hardly ever think about them, I'm not actively trying to prevent animal cruelty, and I only eat the way I do out of habit.
It's important to know that it's not a diet or a commitment. I can and do eat whatever I want.

I am
a non-practicing Christian; atheist; Christian; atheist; Christian; atheist; Christian; atheist.
Sometimes I talk to "God" when no one else is listening. It makes me feel as crazy as if I were talking to myself.
I have a conscience and a functional moral system. I don't need an afterlife as an incentive to be a good person.

I am
straight; bisexual?; a closet heterosexual.
I still don't like to rule anything out because it goes against all my beliefs, but I'll probably never have feelings for a woman.
Love regards only emotions. It ignores gender, race, age, religion, distance, physical appearance, history...
You can try to justify it with logic, but you won't. It's completely out of your control. It's incredible the barriers love can conquer.

15 things you wouldn't have known about me unless you're a creeper and/or very close friend::
1.The movie Charlotte's Web changed my life.
2.I was held back in elementary school but skipped two semesters (equal to one year) of junior high.
3.I love music written in awkward time signatures. My favorite time is 5/4.
4.Scrabble is my favorite board game. For fifty points, I once played the word "dildo" in a game with my grandmother.
5.I have been drinking caffeinated beverages since I was around five.
6.Spiders fascinate me. I want one as a pet, even though it probably wouldn't survive for long.
7.The route to my heart is a complicated and dangerous one, but if you have brown eyes, you can take the shortcut.
8.My birthday is exactly two weeks before Halloween.
9.I think of myself as a wannabe bookworm.
I love to read, but my attention span doesn't typically allow for the admirable book-a-week pace I would love to achieve.
10.My favorite color is yellow.
11.I play the violin as well as an assortment of percussion instruments.
12.I've never been skinny dipping, but I want to sometime.
13.I have a borderline foot fetish.
14.Silas is my favorite name in the whole world,
but I refuse to give it to a character because I am reserving it for a child, in case I eventually reproduce.
15.For the most part, I have simple tastes, but my one luxurious pleasure is traveling.
If I ever have a shitload of money to blow, I'll get a hot-air balloon and ride it all around the world.

...was I just a mistake?