None! I suck, really bad. I've been getting questions about 'You can't Say no' and it makes me sad to say that it very likely will not be finished, unless I write on my own. It's hard for Kortni and I to ever get together to write anymore. If I get enough response I may make a sequel on my own. You could consider that a preface to the real story behind it all that we actually had planned.


Happy Birthday, Frank
characters: Gerard And Frank
genre: fanfiction, mcr, slash
updated: Halloween, 2010

characters: A7x, oc Female.
genre: Avenged Sevenfold, Het,
updated: Oct. 29, 2010


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I'm Samii, That's what I prefer to go by, anyway, but anything's okay. I'm eighteen FUCKING years old. : ] I'm a college freshman. I like writing a lot, and my boy is super supportive of it. Everything I write will have an erotic aspect to it, so don't hate. I like Slash but I also like het. stories too. I'll [attempt] to read anything. I love to text. I love tumblr and facebook.