Oli. Find me here: http://aclockworkoli.tumblr.com
I follow life by nothing and no one but myself and my philosophy... but mostly because I've yet to find one that suits me. I don't go around offending people for my amusement, but do know that if my opinion offends you (and it probably will), then I won't apologise for my views and beliefs. I'm an insensitive bastard prick who should have been born an overly emotional man.

My common interests include: RPing, metal, Tumblr, philosophy, playing bass, reading, watching films, making my own clothes, dying my hair, politics, psychology, and some graphic making.


"Philosophy is like a blind man looking for a black cat in a dark room. Religion is like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that does not exist and then saying 'I found it!'"