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Katie Rae. 14. Female. Texas. Click.

Katie Rae. That's my name, don't wear it out. You can also call me Z if you'd like (most people do). I live in the glorious city of Houston. My hometown is cooler than yours. I'm a generally nice person, but I'm also not afraid to tell you to fuck off. If I don't like you, you'll know it. However, the same applies if I do like you.

I really like music. I constantly have my headphones in and it makes me seem very anti-social. But who cares? Music is fantastic, and without it, I wouldn't be even close to who I am today. It made me who I am today. That sounds really cheesey, but it's true. It started with Green Day, which moved on to many more bands. I also recently blew out my headphones from my music being so loud. I'm proud of myself, man.

I'll listen to anything. My musical taste ranges from The Used to Ke$ha, My Chemical Romance to Lady Gaga, Mindless Self Indulgence to Never Shout Never, and All Time Low to Young Money. If you know of any good bands, in any genre, let me know. I'm always looking for more bands to listen to. The bands I listed are some of my favorites, and more include The Maine, Blink 182, 30 Seconds To Mars, Family Force 5, New Medicine, Beastie Boys, Chiodos, Green Day, Ludacris, Rise Against, AFI, The White Stripes, and many more.

I play a lot of instruments. I can play trumpet, trombone, flute, piccolo, piano, drums, guitar, and bass. I've played all of those at one point or another. However, I currently only play bass. I was in my school's marching band for three years, concert band for two years, and jazz band for one.

Concerts are my favorite past-time. I've been to several festivals, and many more shows. I've seen All Time Low (x2), The Used, New Medicine, AFI, Rise Against, Silverstein, Avenged Sevenfold, Underoath, Cash Cash, The Maine, Chiodos, Aiden, We The Kings, Hey Monday, and a lot more. I went to Warped Tour in the summer of 2009, and it was fantastic.

Art is another one of my outlets. I love to draw and paint, and I have my art hanging everywhere in my room. I draw in my free time, and I do photography. I take my camera just about everywhere with me. Right now, it's broken, though. It blows. Here is my flickr.

I want to be a psychiatrist when I get older. I'm going to go to the University of Texas. Aggies can suck a dick (no hard feelings, though, right? Ha). It's gonna take a long time to get through. But it'll be well worth it in the end when I'm making more money than you. Nothing personal.

I'm a sporty kind of girl. I love volleyball and football. I've got season passes in the first row to see the Houston Texans. I've played volleyball for two years now, and I want to keep going. Baseball's pretty badass, too. I really dig the Houston Astros. Yeah. My city's awesome.

I watch a lot of movies. I can spend all day in front of the TV watching my favorite movies. They include Fight Club, My Sister's Keeper, Inglorious Basterds, Zombieland, The Green Mile, and The Fourth Kind. Ask anyone, whenever someone hangs out with me, I only want to watch movies all day.

Thanks for reading this whole thing (or even skimming this whole thing). I'm not really an interesting person, and this is only a small portion of my life. I'm sure you don't feel like talking to me now, thanks! :D

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