I love reading, writing, and history. Those three things and God are my passions in life. Alright so I actually have five passions. I should definitely add in music to that. I am currently trying to figure out what to do with my life and am actually considering majoring in English.

I am currently getting back into my writing which is something that makes me really happy. I took a hiatus that probably wasn't the best idea, but now that I'm back to writing few things could honestly make me happier!

Now now I'm living in Texas. I have a pretty good job and I'm soon going to be getting a vehicle and an apartment. My parents are completely and totally adverse to it, but I'm honestly really excited.

I am also back to be single and in all honesty I'm more just going along with that flow right now since my singleness (is that a word?) has been a very recent development and though I think I'm over it I won't have anyone say I'm jumping into one thing or another.
Date: October 7, 2011
Doing: Sitting around plotting and loving my new layout
Mood: Tired, but pretty good actually!
Hearing: The View (yeah the show)
Characters: Eloise, Jonathan, and Ewan
Chapters: 20 Of 20
Type: Original Fiction
Status: Complete

Some Little Princesses
Characters: Izzy Markus, Wesley Calender, Andrea Laurent, Kellan Montgomery
Chapters: 15 Of 15
Type: Original Fiction
Status: Complete

Slaves of the Moon
Characters: Emma Bryce and Kayne Volkov
Chapters: 2 Of ??
Type: Original Fiction
Status: Active/Rewrite

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